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EDITORIAL COMMENT: Council attitudes will make devolution work

Devolution, and in particular to move an ever-increasing percentage of the national capital budget to local authorities to decide spending priorities, has made a major difference to lives of many Zimbabweans. But there have also been problems of misuse of funds, as the Auditor General’s report on  […]

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Editorial Comment: Criminals now too daring, cause for concern

Crime has been on the rise for a long time now, but lately, daring criminals have become even more aggressive, targeting institutions that were previously considered impregnable.  Criminals have escalated their activities to unprecedented levels, with law enforcement now becoming not just a target,  […]

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EDITORIAL COMMENT: Railways rehab, expansion plan will transform industry

The growing need to restore the National Railways of Zimbabwe to full operational status is now being attended to with the African Export Import Bank prepared to lend US$115 million to initiate the process. The railways are not dead. They still move 2,3 million tonnes of cargo a year, but this is a  […]

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EDITORIAL COMMENT: Time Kamambo gave football a chance

IN their payoff line, world football governing body FIFA say “For the Game, For the World’’ which is inspired by the power and global reach of this sport that transcends cultural, racial and religious barriers and has the power to unite the world. For Zimbabwe, football remains the country’s  […]

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EDITORIAL COMMENT: We must keep new thinking when sanctions go

WHILE there can be no doubt that sanctions caused a great deal of damage to Zimbabwe and the economic wellbeing of all Zimbabweans, the advent of the Second Republic and the pro-growth strategies introduced also show that adversity can be the mother of invention and innovation. Today, Zimbabwe has  […]

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